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Are laser treatments a cure-all? Here’s why some might say so

By Deepa C. Lingam, MD

In recent years, lasers have truly become a go-to treatment for a range of conditions that patients are looking to get rid of or improve. With the variety of lasers we utilize, including the vascular, fractional, and pigmented lesions laser, there’s really so much we can do to give patients dramatic results for the issues that bother them the most.

Below, we’ll take a look at eight ways we use lasers so you can determine if laser treatments might be the best option for the problem you’re looking to treat.


1. Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal provides permanent hair reduction (which is not to be confused with permanent hair removal) and can be used on all skin types from fair skinned to dark-skinned patients. Keep in mind, laser hair removal won’t treat gray or white hairs, nor peach fuzz on the face.


2. Wrinkles

The Fractionated CO2 laser is a more aggressive laser procedure that allows us to tighten the skin and improve wrinkles while also evening out skin tone. This particular laser has really been a breakthrough in laser technology allowing us to rejuvenate the face by quite literally turn back the clock on aging.


3. Acne Scars

In terms of treating acne scars, laser therapy is very similar to what micro needling can do, but it’s stronger and more effective and efficient at getting rid of the scars that acne often leaves behind. The only downside here is that we can only use it on lighter skin types.


4. Sunspots

As a result of many years of being out in the sun, we begin to see more sun and brown spots, often on our chest, forearms, and the backs of our hands. Luckily, the pigmented lesions laser has proven to be an effective treatment for these types of spots and discoloration, completely removing these signs of aging.


5. Spider Veins

Those pesky spider veins can also be effectively treated with the laser, though they do need to be the more superficial veins as opposed to the varicose or bulging veins. Those deeper veins that are often a source of pain or discomfort would need to be treated by a veins specialist.


6. Uneven Skin Tone

We also utilize IPL or intense pulse light, which is a light-based therapy that’s extremely good at evening out skin tone and treating red and brown discoloration of the skin. Even better, it offers incredible results with minimal to no downtime.


7. Rosacea

The vascular laser is very helpful in treating rosacea on the face since it targets blood vessels in the skin. This means it has the ability to dramatically improve the redness caused by this condition all while being an extremely safe procedure.  


8. Tattoos

If you have a tattoo you’ve come to regret, you’ll be happy to learn that the laser can remove these as well. With the same laser we use to treat brown spots, we can effectively remove the dark, black tattoos.


As we get into warmer weather and everyone is spending more time outdoors, we do want you to keep in mind that it’s important that you do not have a tan when you do your laser treatment. Having a tan could result in some unwanted side effects, and for this reason alone, it’s essential to lose your tan before undergoing any of these procedures.

Of course, with the laser technology we have available today, there are so many ways laser treatments can help you improve whatever issue you’re looking to treat. It’s incredible how often we hear patients say that these treatments have significantly boosted their confidence and given them the self-esteem to put their best foot forward every single day.


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