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The most effective treatment options for male and female pattern hair loss

Hair loss can be incredibly difficult to deal with and extremely frustrating when it comes to finding the right treatment option. What really works and which treatments are just a waste of money? 

Although there are many false promises out there that can leave you utterly confused, we want to clearly lay out the most effective and proven options we have available today. 


The most effective hair loss treatment options for male and female pattern hair loss

When it comes to male and female pattern hair loss, we have a number of treatment options that all work in their own way but with the same goal of restoring healthy hair growth. Using the treatment options below, often in combination with each other, our patients can achieve dramatic results they’re incredibly happy with.  

If you’re suffering from pattern hair loss, below are some proven treatment options you should discuss with your dermatologist:


Rogaine is the only topical product that’s FDA-approved to help combat male and female hair loss. The main ingredient, minoxidil, works to increase blood flow and deliver nutrients to the hair follicles, which in turn, promotes healthy hair growth. 

As with all hair loss treatments, it’s important to be patient. This treatment typically takes a minimum of 4-6 months before you’ll notice improvement in hair growth and thickness. Keep in mind it is a long-term treatment; if you were to stop using it, any regrown hair will fall back out. 


Low light laser therapy

Low light laser therapy has also been FDA-approved to treat pattern hair loss. Either through a brush, comb or cap, the low laser light is applied to the scalp and works to stimulate the hair follicles at a cellular level to restore the hair’s natural growth cycle. 



Propecia is an oral medication for men that actually prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is the active hormone that promotes hair loss. Ultimately it helps to slow down that genetic form of hair loss, and eventually, also helps to stabilize and regrow hair.  



For women, we suggest a medication called spironolactone. Though it’s an off-label use and not FDA-approved to treat hair loss, in higher dosages, we have seen it stabilize female pattern hair loss. We often recommend this medication to women who are looking to do anything to combat hair loss.


Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP treatment

As far as one of the more recent treatments that we’ve implemented at our practice, PRP, protein-rich plasma injections have shown to be very promising. With PRP therapy for hair loss, we take the patient’s own blood and inject it into the scalp where the PRP then delivers a range of growth factors and nutrients to the hair follicle, thus stimulating hair growth.


The importance of combination therapy for hair loss

I always recommend combination therapy to my patients. Utilizing one method typically won’t be enough, and combination therapy is the best way to stimulate hair growth. Rogaine should be used in combination with low laser light therapy, with or without Propecia/Spironolactone, and with or without PRP.

Along with using them in combination, remember that all of these are long-term treatments, and you need to keep using them in order to keep your results. Anytime you stop, you’ll lose any hair that has grown as a result of that treatment.


Hair loss treatments: Is there a quick, permanent fix?

Patients come in wanting a permanent fix to their hair loss, and that’s probably the most frustrating part for them. They’re disappointed to find out what’s causing their hair loss, but more disappointed with the fact there aren’t any quick, permanent treatment options. We all want a quick fix, but unfortunately, that’s just not the case with pattern hair loss. 

Once you find the combination of treatments that work for you, it does take time and patience. But stick with it, and trust that you will eventually get the results you’re after. 


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