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Afraid of the vampire facial? Here’s why microneedling with PRP isn’t as scary as it sounds

By Deepa C. Lingam, MD, Center for Surgical Dermatology

Chances are you’ve heard of the vampire facial, and you probably found some of the images a bit frightening. But don’t let pictures fool you. It isn’t near as scary as it looks, and in reality, there’s a lot of science behind it. Especially if you already love microneedling, it’s time to learn how microneedling with PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, can make the perfect addition to an already beneficial treatment. 


Microneedling with PRP: What exactly is the vampire facial?

The vampire facial is essentially a microneedling treatment with the addition of PRP. 

Prior to the microneedling procedure, we draw the patient’s blood and spin it down so that we’re able to extract the PRP component. Then, that PRP is ready to be either injected or applied topically to the patient’s face once their microneedling is complete. 

When we do the injections, we’re usually targeting the areas where the patient is looking for correction or improvement. This often means the areas where they have deeper folds or acne scarring. When we apply the PRP topically, we’re typically spreading it over the entire face. 


The benefits of adding PRP

Microneedling is going to create very small micro-punctures to the skin that help stimulate collagen production. Then the PRP, which contains various growth factors, is going to speed up the healing process, enhance the results of microneedling, and even help to deliver those results a lot quicker. 

It’s also important to note that the addition of PRP to microneedling has shown to further reduce the appearance of acne scars. 


Should you add PRP to your microneedling? If so, how often?

With microneedling alone, I typically recommend patients do a series of three to six treatments spaced four to six weeks apart. Of course, the number of treatments greatly depends on your goals, and I do recommend more treatments for patients with acne scarring. 

That being said, for those who want to keep up with their facial rejuvenation, I suggest adding in the PRP about once every three to four months.


Ready to add PRP to your microneedling?

If you have active acne, eczema, rosacea, or have had any type of radiation treatment to the head or neck, this treatment probably isn’t right for you at this time. 

But if you have acne scars or just want to step up your game with microneedling, then I highly recommend the addition of PRP. While still new to the dermatology world, PRP has proven to be extremely promising and a lot of patients are seeing incredible results!


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