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Love Your Skin with Lasers

Safe, Effective, and Non-Invasive Treatment

Loving the skin you’re in can sometimes be a challenge! If you’re someone who’s often self-conscious about skin pigmentation on the face – such as dark spots or redness – or find yourself feeling embarrassed about body hair that never seems to stop growing, we understand how tough it can be to embrace self-confidence. 

For those who want to banish stubborn hair for good, such as hair on the legs, arms, upper lip, armpits, or back, we offer the GentleMax Pro®. And for patients who are ready to address facial redness or pigmentation and achieve a more even skin tone, a photofacial treatment with the Vbeam® Perfecta laser works like a charm. 

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of laser treatments and how the GentleMax Pro® and Vbeam® Perfecta lasers can help you achieve your aesthetic and skincare goals, so you feel more confident and self-assured in your everyday life! 

Exceptional Benefits of Laser Treatments

1. Improve Signs of Aging

Ready to turn back the clock on signs of aging? With the Vbeam® Perfecta, unwanted signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and sagging skin are improved and significantly reduced in appearance. 

2. Reduce Unwanted Hair

Do you find that, even after a day of what seems like never-ending shaving, your hair grows back faster than you can grab your razor again?

Whether you have stubborn hair on your legs, arms, back, armpits, or facial area, the GentleMax Pro® is a gentle, non-invasive way to banish body hair and help you achieve soft, smooth skin. No painful waxing or meticulous shaving necessary! 

3. Minimal Downtime

Both the GentleMax Pro® and Vbeam® Perfecta lasers are non-ablative, meaning they simply go below the surface to heat your underlying skin tissue and trigger your body to produce more collagen. 

On the other hand, ablative lasers remove the top layer of skin for more dramatic results that require more recovery and downtime. 

Since the GentleMax Pro® and Vbeam® Perfecta lasers are non-ablative, they produce quick results with minimal downtime. This means you can come in for a short and sweet procedure (depending on the extent of the areas treated) and get back to living your life with exceptional skin! 

4. Address Skin Imperfections 

Not only do non-ablative lasers, such as the Vbeam® Perfecta, reduce signs of aging and address and improve the look of skin imperfections. This includes acne, scars, uneven skin tone and texture, and skin laxity (aka drooping skin). 

5. Treat Facial Redness 

Did you know a laser treatment can be excellent at treating issues related to the body’s network of blood vessels? This includes skin issues like broken capillaries, rosacea, port wine stains, spider veins, strawberry hemangiomas, and poikiloderma. 

We’re passionate about helping our patients genuinely love the skin they’re in so they feel more confident and self-assured throughout their everyday life. 


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