Conditions Treated By Laser

What conditions can be treated by laser?

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Looking back on the advances in medicine, we can see how far the technology of laser treatments has come. With the release of each “new and improved” laser comes a large amount of information from the media telling us all about the “miracles” lasers can perform. While not every laser rises to those expectations, a number have been identified which are, in fact, very effective for treating certain conditions.

It is these laser treatments which we make available to you. All of the doctors using lasers at The Center for Surgical Dermatology/Dermatology Associates routinely attend regional and national meetings to stay abreast of the developments in this field.

laser hair removal

Unwated Hair


Unwanted hair has historically been treated by tweezing, shaving, waxing, bleaching or electrolysis. Laser hair removal is a new, exciting treatment that is a very effective way to remove unwanted hair. It has undergone rigorous testing and is FDA approved for this purpose.

laser hair removal

Leg Veins


The presence of prominent or unsightly leg veins is common. “Spider veins”, “sunburst vessels”, or “micro varicosities” are terms commonly used to describe these veins when they are small and purple or red. These veins are predominantly a cosmetic problem but they do at times cause an aching discomfort.

acne treatment

Sun Spots, Brown Spots & Skin Discoloration


Years of time spent in the sun can take a toll on our skin. This sun damage can manifest as sun spots or discoloration of the skin. The skin’s defense to UV exposure is to produce pigment. This same pigment is what allows us to tan after spending time outdoors.

wrinkle treatment

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Over time, a combination of environmental factors and natural aging take a toll on our skin. This can result a loss of skin volume, sagging of the skin, and formation of fine lines. Many individuals are bothered by the appearance of their skin as it ages; fortunately, there are a number of options for addressing our skin health.


Surgical and Traumatic Scars


Scars result from injury to the skin and the subsequent healing process. This can sometimes result in prominent and unsightly scars. Fortunately, we have a number of treatment options to help improve the appearance of these scars.

tattoo removal



Lasers can effectively diminish the appearance of tattoos (pigmented lesion laser). The laser beam penetrates the skin and pinpoints the color pigment of the tattoo. A series of treatments are usually required to achieve the desired effect. Some colors of tattoos are more resistant to laser treatment.

acne treatment

Acne Scars


Inflammatory acne can result in prominent scarring. Fortunately, we now have more advanced treatment options to help improve the appearance of these scars. There is new and exciting laser technology available that actually penetrates into the collagen that comprises the scar, allowing this collagen to remodel and resulting in a more subtle appearance.