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Pretty Older Woman Touching Her Soft Face Skin After Wrinkle Treatment

Do Collagen Supplements Really Help Wrinkles?

As we age, wrinkles become more noticeable in key areas of our faces. If you’ve noticed fine lines becoming more prominent, you’re not alone!

However, wrinkle reduction is attainable and practical thanks to advanced skin care treatments. We offer premier wrinkle treatment at the Center for Surgical Dermatology, and our experts have gotten more and more questions about the advantages of collagen. Collagen supplements have taken over skincare products, making promises of DIY, at-home transformations. But can these provide the lasting results you’re looking for? 

Benefits of Collagen for the Skin 

Collagen is a crucial aspect of your body’s health. It’s a vital component in everything from the muscles to the bones and, of course, the skin. Without the right amount of collagen, your wrinkles will increase as your skin’s elasticity begins to fade. However, with the right level of collagen, your skin will be firmer, and skin hydration and elasticity will improve. 

As you age, your natural collagen levels slowly but surely decrease. This natural decrease is often why many people are curious about collagen supplements. Several studies have found evidence to support the notion that collagen peptides or supplements will slow the physical signs of aging. 

Generally speaking, collagen supplements are well tolerated by most individuals. Collagen supplements tend to be hydrolyzed, ensuring they are easier for your skin to absorb. While collagen supplements can enhance your skin’s appearance, these supplements are not enough on their own to fully combat wrinkles and fine lines.

Are Collagen Supplements the Best Way to Combat Wrinkles? 

Collagen supplements may reduce wrinkles to an extent. However, the impact of collagen treatment may be more limited than you might expect. It’s unlikely that collagen supplements will be able to reduce larger wrinkles that you have already noticed. Instead, these supplements may be more effective at reducing future fine lines or stopping further wrinkles from developing. 

Cosmetic skin care treatment is the best and most effective form of wrinkle reduction. Dermal fillers, botox and chemical peels will fundamentally change the appearance of the face, restoring your skin to a healthy, beautiful glow with an improvement in wrinkles. 

At the Center of Surgical Dermatology, we offer all patients thorough, individualized skincare consultations to evaluate your skincare goals and craft a unique skincare plan. While collagen supplements may be a great addition to your routine, noninvasive skincare treatments have proven to deliver lasting results. Ask our team about the best ways to improve your skin! 

Discover The Best Way to Reduce Wrinkles at CSD

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