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Find Relief with Effective Dermatitis Treatment in Westerville at the Center for Surgical Dermatology & Dermatology Associates

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Find Relief with Effective Dermatitis Treatment in Westerville at the Center for Surgical Dermatology


What is Dermatitis?

Dermatitis is a general term for conditions of the skin characterized by inflammation and irritation. Dermatitis has many causes and can occur in many forms, such as skin that is itchy, dry, red, swollen, flakey, or even blistered.


Dermatitis FAQs

Learn more about dermatitis by reading the short FAQs section below. Our dermatologists answer frequently asked questions relating to this common skin condition.

Dermatitis can be caused by many different things, such as exposure to irritant or allergic products, such as various chemicals, detergents, soaps, cleaning products, waxes, and even some types of jewelry.

Certain types of dermatitis have different origins – seborrheic dermatitis can be caused by a combination of genes, changes in climate, stress, a patient’s overall health status, and yeast that lives on our skin.

Atopic dermatitis, which is more commonly known as eczema, has a genetic component and can be exacerbated by stress and environmental triggers. Occasionally, certain foods can be associated with atopic dermatitis flare-ups, including eggs, dairy, nuts, soy products, citrus fruits, and wheat/gluten products.

Ultimately, the underlying cause of dermatitis can vary, so it’s important to consult a board-certified dermatologist to determine the root cause and find the best treatment for you.

There are several different types of dermatitis. Some of the most common forms of dermatitis include:

  • Contact Dermatitis: Typically in the form of a red, itchy, sometimes blistery rash, contact dermatitis appears after direct contact between the skin and an irritant or allergen.
  • Atopic Dermatitis: More commonly known as eczema, this type of dermatitis usually appears as red, itchy, dry patches where the skin creases and naturally bends (elbows, knees, neck). However, it can affect any part of the body.
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis: A chronic condition that affects oily areas of the body, like the scalp, eyebrows, ears, nose, and chest. It causes scaly red patches and, at times, can be very itchy.

If you have dermatitis and need help determining which type it is, consult with a board-certified dermatologist that can diagnose and treat your skin condition.

Since the main characteristic dermatitis is skin inflammation, the main symptoms of dermatitis include dry, red, itchy, irritated skin.

However, some types of dermatitis can show specific signs. For example, allergic contact dermatitis can present as linear, angulated and often blistery patches. Nummular dermatitis can present as coin-shaped red, scaly patches.

While dermatitis may show similar symptoms to that of a contagious rash, dermatitis is not contagious and cannot be spread from person to person.

This depends on the type of dermatitis. For example, atopic dermatitis (eczema) seems to appear in occasional flare-ups and is most often seasonal. Contact dermatitis, however, can last a few weeks but often resolves much quicker with steroid use when indicated.

On the other hand, seborrheic dermatitis is a lifelong skin condition that can wax and wane, but can be easily controlled with a good skincare routine.

A board-certified dermatologist will examine your skin, perform an extensive evaluation, and look at your medical history to help develop a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is made, the dermatologist will determine which treatment options are right for you.

Some common dermatitis treatments include:

  • Topical ointments, creams, or gels.
  • Phototherapy (medical-grade light treatment).
  • Corticosteroids (pills or injections) for severe dermatitis.

To learn more about the dermatitis treatments at the Center for Surgical Dermatology, get in touch with our clinic today. Contact us online or call us at (614) 847-4100.


Dermatitis Photos

View the dermatitis photos below to see if you may be suffering from dermatitis. If this looks similar to your symptoms, please schedule an appointment with our board-certified dermatologists for an official diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.

The Man On The Arm And Abdomen Psoriasis
Rash On A Man's Elbow
Rash On A Man's Neck
Woman Applying Hand Cream To Relieve The Dry Skin Caused By Hand Sanitizer

Find Effective Dermatitis Treatment in Westerville, OH

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