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Improve your skin with melasma treatment at the Center for Surgical Dermatology & Dermatology Associates

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Improve your skin with melasma treatment at the Center for Surgical Dermatology.


What is Melasma?

Melasma is a chronic skin condition that results in blotchy, discolored facial pigmentation that can be brown, tan, or blue-gray. This discoloration is common in women and rare in men, and most often appears on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip and jawbone. Less often, melasma can also present on the forearms.

Before and after look at a woman's face after melasma treatment

Melasma FAQs

Learn more about melasma, including its symptoms, how long it generally lasts, and the best melasma treatments, by reading through our comprehensive FAQs section.

Melasma symptoms include discoloration in the form of brown or gray-brown patches that may appear on the following areas of the face:

  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Upper lip
  • Jawline
  • Forearms

If you struggle with melasma symptoms, please get in touch with the experienced physicians at the Center for Surgical Dermatology for melasma treatment in Westerville, Ohio. We’re here to help you clear up your skin.

Generally, melasma is not painful, itchy, or uncomfortable in any way. However, melasma may impact your self-esteem, as it can be highly noticeable, which is why many of our patients seek out effective melasma treatment in Westerville, Ohio.

The two primary causes of melasma are UV radiation (e.g. ultraviolet rays from the sun and tanning beds) and hormones.

This is why many individuals begin to show symptoms of melasma during pregnancy or hormone replacement therapy, when using hormonal contraceptives, if they have a thyroid disorder, or due to chronic stress (which can affect your hormonal balance).

Furthermore, heat and sun exposure may trigger or exacerbate melasma symptoms. Preventive measures include using sun protection and avoiding direct sunlight.

In some cases, melasma might fade on its own as hormone levels return to normal, such as if it was caused by pregnancy or hormonal contraceptives. However, if your melasma doesn’t fade, treatment options are available to help you achieve more even-toned skin.

Melasma is not an infectious condition, so it does not “spread” from one area to another. However, melasma may become worse due to frequent UV exposure. This is why melasma often gets worse during the summer months and improves during the winter months.

At the Center for Surgical Dermatology, our dermatologist-recommended melasma treatment options in Westerville, Ohio, include:

  • Topical creams that lighten the skin
  • Topical steroids
  • Superficial chemical peels
  • Specific laser procedures

Our experienced physicians will work with you to find the most effective melasma treatment option. All of our skincare treatments are personalized to your unique skin type and cosmetic goals. Contact us today to learn more by calling (614) 847-4100 or contact us online.


Melasma Photos

If you are unsure of what melasma looks like or how our effective melasma treatments can improve your skin, browse through the melasma photos below.


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