Should I See A Dermatologist?

When should you see a dermatologist?

Center for Surgical Dermatology & Dermatology Associates is here for all your Dermatologic needs.

If you have any significant problem with your skin, hair or nails: Yes!


Most people can benefit from the advice and unique training of a dermatologist. Here’s why:

The skin is the largest and most visible organ of the body and is essential to our survival. Its roles are many as are the problems that can manifest as changes in its appearance.  Dermatologists are uniquely trained to analyze the differences between normal and abnormal skin, hair and nails. They are experts at spotting potential problems and can diagnose a multitude of conditions ranging from minor to life-threatening.


A dermatologist can improve the lives of patients of all ages by effectively treating their skin conditions and making them look and feel their best.  Examples include an infant with a red birthmark, a child with eczema, an adolescent or adult with acne, a baby boomer with sun-damaged skin and skin cancer, or a senior citizen with shingles.


Dermatologists are also a great resource for learning how to prevent skin, hair, and nail problems.  For example, they can teach you how to protect yourself from the sun to avoid skin cancer and premature aging of the skin, educate you about which hairstyles can contribute to hair loss, and counsel you on the best way to prevent nail fungus and grow stronger nails.


Whether you need advice on skin health or medical, surgical, or cosmetic treatment for your skin, one of our skilled and compassionate dermatologists can meet your needs and become your trusted partner in the maintenance of your skin’s health.