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Skin Cancer Screening & Treatments

Find Skin Cancer Screening & Treatments near Columbus, Ohio

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Skin Cancer Screening & Treatments

Find Skin Cancer Screening & Treatments near Columbus, Ohio


What Are the Symptoms of Skin Cancer?

Did you know that more new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year in the United States than all other types of cancer combined? Luckily, with early diagnosis and treatment, the prognosis for skin cancer is very favorable.

One of the best ways to catch skin cancer early is by doing a skin self-exam each month. Check your skin from scalp to toe for anything new, changing, or unusual. Some warning signs to watch out for are:

  • Pink or reddish spots that dip in the center
  • A scaly patch of skin that doesn’t resolve after a few months
  • Sores that resemble blemishes, but either won’t heal or heal but keep returning in the same location
  • Scar-like skin that isn’t from an injury
  • Moles that are growing, have irregular edges, change color, or are painful or bleed
  • An “ugly duckling” mole, which is one that looks different from other moles on your body

If you notice anything on your skin that concerns you, schedule an appointment with one of our dermatologists right away.

Dermatologist inspecting a patient's skin

Skin Cancer Treatment Options near Columbus, Ohio

The treatment that’s best for each patient depends upon the type of skin cancer, how advanced it is, it’s location, and the person’s age and overall health. Some common skin cancer treatments are:

  • Topical creams – A nonsurgical option for pre-cancers and superficial cancers that have not progressed significantly beyond the surface of the skin.
  • Electrodesiccation and curettage – A procedure where a spoon-shaped instrument (curette) is used to remove the cancer. Then, the physician uses an electrical current to burn the base of the cancer.
  • Surgical excision – A procedure where the physician cuts the cancer out and closes the wound with stitches.
  • Mohs surgery – A surgery where the dermatologist removes the cancerous tissue and examines it microscopically while the patient is in-office to ensure that all of the cancerous cells were removed. It may take multiple rounds to get all of the cancerous cells, but it’s the most precise treatment method currently available. It has both the highest cure rate of all skin cancer treatments and the best cosmetic outcome because it preserves more healthy cells than other methods.
  • Radiation – A treatment that uses x-rays to target and destroy cancer cells and shrink tumors. It may be used in combination with other treatments or for patients that are not candidates for surgery.

Skin Cancer Photos

View our skin cancer photo gallery below, and be sure to contact our board-certified dermatologists if you notice a spot on your skin that resembles skin cancer. We provide a complete diagnostic evaluation for our patients to ensure the proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

A woman with a possible cancerous mole on her shoulder
Skin cancer mole
Skin cancer mole on a patient's skin
Skin cancer mole
Skin cancer mole
Moles on the back of a man.
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